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Merrily We Roll Along
Bedroom Farce
Golden Revue
Pippin: October 2022
Little Shop of Horrors: July 2022
A Bunch of Amateurs: April 2022
The Wind in the Willows October 2021
Our House, Croydon July 2021
Honk! Jnr: January 2020
Big Fish: October 2019
Bugsy Malone: July 2019
Ira Levin's Deathrap: April 2019
Christmas Cracker: December 2018

An Englishman Abroad: November 2018
A Question of Attribution: November 2018
Me and My Girl: August 2018
Black Comedy / White Liars: April 2018
Railway Children: October 2017
Curtains: August 2017
A Man for all Seasons: April 2017
Proof: November 2016
Clockmaker's Daughter: August 2016
Shakers: February 2016
Movers: February: 2016
Sense and Sensibility: October 2015
Dick Barton, Special Agent: August 2015
City of Angels: February 2015
Sherlock Holmes: December 2014
Spamalot (Minack): August 2014
Spamalot (Croydon): July 2014
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: April 2014
Flint Street Nativity: December 2013
A Slice of Saturday Night: August 2013
Caught in the Net: February 2013
Calendar Girls: October: 2012
Return to the Forbidden Planet: August 2012
Is There Life After High School: February 2012
Tonight at 7.45: October 2011

Wedding Singer: August 2011
Our House: February 2011
Mitre Mince Pie: December 2010
Catherine Howard: October 2010
Moby Dick: August 2010

Timing: April 2010
Ali Baba: January 2010
Daisy Pulls it Off: October 2009
Boogie Nights: August 2009
Hoyes es Fiesta: February 2009
Uncle Ebenezar: December 2008
Gulliver's Travels: Summer 2008
Chorus of Disapproval: April 2008
Sleeping Beauty: January 2008
Just So: Summer 2006