Direct Debit

In response to requests from members, there is now the facility to pay the Annual Subscriptions by Direct Debit. This method has advantages for both the society and the individual member.  Each year the “window” available to open a NEW Direct Debit Account will be 1st January to 1st April

We have opted for the collection company “” who collect the subscription on our behalf – read their Direct Debit guarantee HERE. The operation of the system is simple.

Choose which membership plan you wish to pay – Full Membership (£50) – First Year Membership (£30) (Available only once) – Under 25 year Full Member (£40) – Junior (£10) – Patron (£10).

Click on the relevant link below, which takes you direct to our pages on the GoCardless website. Unless you have used “GoCardless” before you will need to setup an account with them, which is very simple.

Fill in the appropriate details – email address, postal address, bank details etc. Then email Louise Gauntlett to tell her that you have paid:

Links to pay by direct debit

Full Member HERE  –  Introductory Member HERE   –  Under 25 Member HERE  –  Patron HERE

Junior Member HERE