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LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS: Apollo Theatre, Isle of Wight 2nd to 6th August at 7.30

Little Shop of Horrors is set in a decade not too long before our own and tells the story of Seymour Krelborn, an orphan taken in by Mr Mushnik, the owner of a rundown florist on Skid Row. Seymour is secretly in love with the other employee, Audrey, but she is out of his league and seeing a successful dentist (who just happens to be a nitrous oxide using sadist!)

 Seymour’s fortunes are turned around when he finds a weird and interesting plant while walking through the wholesale flower district. As long as the plant is growing, so is his success. The only snag is that feeding the plant requires a secret ingredient that’s easy to come by - just as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty!

The musical has been nominated for Tony, Olivier and Grammy awards, and there’s a hugely successful movie version with a remake on the cards in the next couple of years. With revival after revival on Broadway and in the West End, and a phenomenal production in Regent’s Park in 2018 that has inspired our creative team, this production by the Mitre Players is not one to miss!

We have just finished our "home" run of 4 sell-out performances and are all set  for our tour to The Apollo Theatre, Newport, Isle of Wight.. But remember, whatever you do...don’t feed the plants

Tickets available online or HERE

Tickets at all Performances £14.00

PIPPIN: Our Autumn Production

With A Bunch of Amateurs now over and plans for Little Shop of Horrors already in motion, our thoughts now turn to our autumn musical – Pippin. Heading this up is longstanding Mitre Karen Rapps, with our chairman Colin Warnock as MD and the lovely Kim McEvoy as choreographer.  Karen writes..............

I am delighted to be making my directorial debut with Pippin, a musical by the wonderful Stephen Schwartz (Godspell/Wicked). Pippin was in fact the first musical written by Schwartz, and ran for 5 years on Broadway in the 1970s, directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse in a very lavish production including acrobats, trapeze artists and fire-eaters! But fear not, our Mitre production will be nothing like that! It will be stripped back to a cast of 8-12 players who will tell the story of the young Prince Pippin, who after graduating from university sets out on his journey to find something 'extraordinary and fulfilling' to do with his life. He is led by the charismatic, alluring Leading Player, and his/her band of followers through a series of adventures ending in a potentially shocking climax.....

Pippin's adventures are full of sumptuous music (think Godspell meets Chicago and Wicked), comedy, and fabulous cameo characterisations, not to mention a few Fosse-like moves here and there. I will be looking for a mixture of strong singers, character actors and a few sexy dance girls. If you would like more details prior to the auditions, please email me at  

The auditions will be held on Tuesday 24th May at the Clubhouse - Please read on

Thanks to everyone who attended the Pippin presentation evening, the production team were blown away by the interest and enthusiasm and are very excited to see what the auditions will bring!!
A few words about the auditions on 24th May:
  • Start at 7.30 with dance/movement which everyone must come to
  • Everyone must sing either the allocated music for the part you are auditioning for (Pippin and Leading Player), and/or something by Stephen Schwarz or in a similar style e.g Chicago, Cabaret for all other parts. 
  • You can sing the number from the show for the part you are auditioning for if you want (but not essential)
  • Individual auditions will follow dance including your song(s) and dialogue for all the parts you are auditioning for, after which you can leave.

You can download a character breakdown HERE

The dialogue for all the parts can be found by downloading THIS PDF (Page 1 has the list of pages to read and the body of the file has the appropriate pages)

Pippin's and The Leading Players's songs can be downloaded HERE and HERE (Right Track and Corner of the Sky) and the music can be listened to HERE (Right track) and HERE (Corner of the Sky)

Below are recordings of the "new" Broadway version.

Corner of the Sky: ExtraordinaryFinale:  Glory:  I Guess I'll Miss the Man: Kind of Woman:  Love Song:  Magic to DoMorning Glow:  No Time at AllOn the Right TrackSimple Joys:  Spread a Little SunshineWar is a ScienceWelcome Home:  With You 

There will be two Sunday music rehearsals in August (14th and 21st), and then the main rehearsals will start on Thursday 1st September.

Performances are at our own Studio Theatre on 26th to 29th October 2022

Jubilee Barbecue on Thursday 2nd June

Slightly earlier than usual and timed to coincide with the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we are holding our annual BBQ at the clubhouse on the Thursday Bank Holiday.

During the day, draft details of our 50th anniversary year (2023) will be revealed, so please attend to hear about all our marvellous plans

Games and "Social Activities" will commence from 2pm and the food will be available from 4pm onwards.  Tickets are available NOW from Ticketsource HERE and cost £8 for members and £10 for non members. Vegetarian options are available, so please indicate this when booking.


We are gradually getting back to "normal" despite the pandemic. Please CLICK HERE to read our February newsletter.

It contains information about:

  • Founders Day Supper - 25th March. Chairman is Mitre Player Alumni Tony Britten
  • A Bunch of Amateurs
  • Monthly Mitre Socials
  • Little Shop of Horrors Cast List
  • Details of our Autumn Musical - Pippin
  • Response to our recent survey


A BUNCH OF AMATEURS: Our Last Production

Our Spring Production is a light comedy about a rural amateur dramatic group who are desperate to save their small theatre from the developers. They come up with the idea of asking a professional actor to lead their production of King Lear...

“Across the pond”, action hero Jefferson Steele is trying to kick-start his flagging career and is booked by his agent to play the lead in a Shakespearian masterpiece, in Stratford, England – only to find out that this is not the birthplace of the Bard, and home to Dame Judi Dench and Sir Kenneth Branagh, but a sleepy Suffolk village.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, wires are crossed, and disaster is on the horizon. As Jefferson’s monstrous ego, vanity and insecurity are tested to the limit and his career implodes, he discovers some truths about himself – along with his inner Lear!

A Bunch of Amateurs is packed with great comic dialogue and plenty of twists and turns including controversy, scandal and betrayal.

We look forward to welcoming you to our production between Wednesday 6th and Saturday 9th April at 7.45pm.

Tickets cost just £15 and are available from

This amateur production of “A Bunch of Amateurs” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

Play Reading Evening 20th February at 6pm

Also a reminder of our forthcoming play reading on Sunday 20th February at 5.30pm to have a quick drink at the bar and then a 6pm start. We have been approached by former Mitre Jim Miller who is the writer and we thought this is a great opportunity to enjoy reading some new writing together, with a view to considering it for performance at a later date if deemed suitable. The play is called “On the Edge” and at a quick glance I can tell you it is a thriller with adult themes and language so the event is not really suitable for children to attend. You are welcome to just listen, only those who wish to will be asked to read and we can swop about to give everyone an opportunity. The Mitres performed “Double Fantasy” Jim’s play about Mark Chapman who murdered John Lennon many years ago and this appears to have some similar inspiration and themes. Come and join the discussion and give Jim some feedback.
If you would like to suggest any other plays we could read together please contact us at so we can arrange for copies of the script to be available. “On the Edge” will probably run for approximately an hour so there will be some time for chatting and catching up too. It would be fantastic if we have a good turnout – a chance to try something a bit different without the commitment of rehearsals!

Little Shop of Horrors - Auditions 28th/29th November 2021

So it’s only November and already our thoughts are turning towards our Summer musical and annual tour – this year to the Apollo Theatre in Newport on the lovely Isle of Wight, for a second time. Paul Grace is going to be in the director’s chair for his take  on “Little Shop of Horrors” and anyone interested in coming on tour – cast, band, crew, babysitters, general hangeroners are invited to express their interest either prior to the launch meeting on Sunday 21st November at 6pm by emailing the committee or by coming to the meeting to hear about Paul’s vision for the show, what to expect at auditions and more about how the tour will run. It is imperative we hear from all those who want to be involved as to make the show viable we need to use all the accommodation available to us. Please don’t assume we will know you want to come because you always do – you may miss out on a bed unless you turn up to the launch or email The cost of your self catering accommodation (for 9 nights)   is expected to be in the region of £350 -£400 per person – take a look at the Island Riding Centre website for more details:

Key Dates are as follows:
Sunday 21st November     Launch meeting at 18.00 - TSSSC clubhouse
Sunday 28th November    Auditions at 18.00 - TSSSC clubhouse
Monday 29th November    Auditions at 18.00 - TSSSC clubhouse

Croydon dates  w/c 17/07/2022 TSSSC clubhouse (TBC)
Isle of Wight Tour dates Friday 29/07 – Sunday 07/08/2022
Rehearsals will start at the beginning of May 2022

Please click HERE to download the Audition Material (Dialogue) and HERE to download a zip file of the music (but you don't have to sing a song from the show)

Auditions will be open to all but you will need to be a full member for 2022 to take part. We have some talented youngsters coming up through the ranks – please note we will allow older children to audition for the adult cast but anyone under 16yrs must bring with them a parent or “loco parentis” who is prepared to chaperone them at every performance. Please discuss this with Julia Ascott at the launch meeting for clarification. Any Juniors between the ages 16 – 18 years inclusive must also be accompanied on tour by an adult who is responsible for them but they will not need to be chaperoned during performances. This essentially is an adult production with an adult cast and we will not be able to accommodate lots of juniors in the cast but do welcome them to accompany their families on tour. We already have several younger children who will be holidaying with us and the island is a very family friendly holiday location.

Carry on reading for more info on the production itself from Paul.............................

For those unfamiliar with Little Shop of Horrors, where have you been?! Set in an early year of a decade not too long before our own, it tells the story of Seymour Krelborn, an orphan taken in by Mr Mushnik, the rundown owner of a rundown florist on Skid Row. He is secretly in love with the other employee, Audrey, but she is out of his league and seeing a successful dentist (who just happens to be a nitrous oxide using sadist!) Seymour's fortunes are turned around when he finds a weird and interesting plant while walking through the wholesale flower district. As long as the plant is growing, so is his success. The only snag is that feeding the plant requires a secret ingredient that's 'not too hard to come by' as long as you don't mind getting your hands dirty!

It's been nominated for Tonys, Oliviers and Grammys, there's a hugely successful movie (with a remake on the cards in the next couple of years.) It's had revival after revival on Broadway and in the West End, Mitres have done it (twice), Stagers have done it, Oxted have done it, CODA have done it, but it just doesn't get old! In fact I don't think I've ever met anyone who's been involved with a production who didn't have an absolute blast!

Our production will owe something to the phenomenal Regent's Park production from 2018 in style and direction. And also in casting, as we will be casting many of the roles gender blind. There's nothing to say that our psychotic dentist couldn't be female or that Seymour couldn't have been taken in by Mrs Mushnik! Or indeed that any of the trio of Greek chorus couldn't be a boy. Equally, there are no specific characters we have decided to change - we will just be very open to giving everyone a chance.

I'm absolutely buzzing about this show and very excited to give a taster of what we have in store at the meet and greet on 21st November. Needless to say there will also be information about auditions (28th and 29th November) and some more general info about the tour. I look forward to seeing you there!

Festive Frolics. Friday 3rd December 2021

If you don’t do anything else this year, make sure you book your free tickets to The Mitre Players' Christmas bash on Friday 3rd December as it promises to be the event of the Century for the whole family and will certainly start your Christmas off with a bang.

Please register on Ticketsource for free tickets. Under 16s are very welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. 

Former Miss World Vicky Watkins and Daniel Craig lookalike Mike Lilley will be on hand to lead you through a packed evening with fun and frolics galore guaranteed. Newish Junior member Colin Warnock will once again be doing one of his World famous Music Quizzes and leading us with a marvellous Christmas singalong.

There will be monumental prizes galore including one for best Christmas jumper/outfit so make sure to wear yours. Although food will not be provided, snacks, crisps, twiglets etc. etc. can be purchased (along with drinks) from the bar, which will be open until midnight.  Don’t waste any time, book immediately, it’s almost sold out!!

ps. if you’re very lucky, Mike Lilley promises to give you a covid friendly kiss under the Mistletoe.

pps. If you don’t like fun frolics or Christmas, just come up and have a chat to your mates.

AGM and Social 29th August 2021

As you are aware, we had to cancel our AGM a few weeks ago due to the ceiling collapse at the clubhouse. It has now been rearranged for Sunday 29th August and rather than having it on Zoom like last year, we are inviting everyone to join us in person, however if you still feel uncomfortable meeting inside, you can participate via this zoom link.

Everyone is welcome to the AGM but only full members can vote. The Agenda can be downloaded HERE and the Committee Report HERE. The Treasurer's Report and Minutes of the last AGM will be available on the night. If you would like to join for the current year, please see THIS PAGE.

So put the date in your diary – 29th August. The bar is open from midday. We hope that you can arrive before the AGM starts at 7pm  - we suggest the socialising begins around 6pm.
We look forward to seeing you all there.

Our House - Our Summer 2021 Show.

In our next newsletter we will include a report of Our House, both at the Croydon Courtyard Theatre and at The Minack Theatre - both of which were very successful.

The Minack review and (photos) is HERE

Theo Spring's review of our Croydon production is HERE 

The Wind in the Willows - October 2021


Based on the book by KENNETH GRAHAME

Performance Dates 20th - 23rd October 2021 (Saturday 23rd is a matinee only)
The Mitre Theatre, Trinity School, Croydon 


With lockdown seeming like a distant memory, we are now full of excitement to begin rehearsals for our second post-Covid production, The Wind in the Willows, a musical tale by Stiles and Drewe, The Production team were delighted with the talent on offer at the auditions and are proud to announce the confirmed cast (please see below). 

Rehearsals are due to start on Thursday 2nd September and performances will be held at The Mitre Theatre, Trinity School, from 20th – 23rd October – tickets will be available on from 1st September. This wonderful show is suitable for the whole family, so tickets are bound to sell fast. 

If you are interested in being involved in the ensemble of the show, but missed the opportunity to attend the auditions, please contact our director, Helen Harries-Rees, on Likewise, if you want to be involved with any creative aspects of the show, such as set-building, painting, or backstage crewing, please get in touch with the Mitre Players Committee for more information.


The clubhouse bar is now open normally (currently cash is not accepted - payment by membership card or credit/debit card)

Bar opening hours from Wednesday 28th July

[Subject to constant review]

Wednesdays: 6.30pm – 11pm

Thursdays: 7.00pm – 11pm

Fridays: 6.00pm – 11pm

Saturdays: 12.00pm – 11pm

Sundays: 12.00pm – 11pm



We have collaborated with Smith Scripts again to showcase another batch of hilarious plays that we hope you will join us on Zoom to watch.

Register for your Zoom links via the links below.

Thursday 18th Feb @ 8pm Thursday Zoom Link

Sunday 21st Feb @ 6pm Sunday Zoom Link

Our cast list for Virtually Acting #2 is as follows:

Paul Grace, Julia Gibbs, Ian Brown, Keith Robertshaw, Tash Palmer, Chris Backway, Martin Tyrrell, Nicky Chambers, Chris Chambers, Julia Ascott, Warwick Jones, Richard Jones and with a special performance from Mary Holton.

The evenings will be hosted by Paul Smith and Jo Morrison.

We hope to see you there!


It will come as no surprise that we have had to postpone this show until Autumn 2021 - watch this space for further details.

Based on Kenneth Grahame’s best-selling classic of children’s literature, with a book by Oscar-winning screenwriter and Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes and songs by Olivier Award-winning composers and lyricists George Stiles and Anthony Drewe, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS is a wild, thrill-seeking tale.

This riotous comedy follows Mole, Rat, Badger, and the impulsive Mr. Toad, whose insatiable need for speed lands him in serious trouble. With his beloved home under threat from the notorious Chief Weasel and his gang of sinister Wild Wooders, Toad must attempt a daring escape leading to a series of misadventures and a heroic battle to recapture Toad Hall. Full of humour, wit, a gorgeous, soaring score, and heart-warming lessons of friendship, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS is the perfect fit for family audiences everywhere.”

It premiered at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth in 2016 before embarking on a UK tour to The Lowry, Southampton, and then The Mayflower, Southampton. In the summer of 2017, the show ran at the iconic London Palladium. 

… That’s right, The Mitre Players are, once again, turning to the ‘wild’ side – and no one portrays all-singing, all-dancing animals quite like us! This truly is a wonderful show (think Honk! and Just So), with plenty of parts for all ages, talents, shapes and sizes. If you are wanting to get a feel for the show, you can listen to the songs on YouTube – the music is fabulous, with plenty of ‘goosebump-inducing’ harmonies. We are delighted to have Helen Harries-Rees commuting from Chichester to sit in the director’s chair, with Jo Morrison as choreographer. The talented Sheridan Lloyd will be making his Mitre MD debut – a big, warm welcome to him!


MINACK show 2021 - Our House - Cast Update

Yes….. Mitres are Minack Bound once again, this time with the Madness Musical OUR HOUSE ….

Originally planned to be performed at The Minack Theatre in Summer 2020, it has be postponed until Summer 2021 with a slightly altered cast.

The new dates are: 

The Courtyard Theatre, Croydon High School: 14th to 17th July 2021

The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno: 16th - 20th August 2021

Based on songs by the 80s chart-toppers Madness "Our House" centres on Joe Casey, a boy from Camden whose life is altered by a decision made on the night of his 16th birthday. The show subsequently follows Joe through seven years of alternative lives.

"Our House" is a fun, award winning, lively musical for the whole family and a Perfect Mitre Minack Show!!

The 2021 Cast:
Joe: Chris Backway
Sarah:  Thalia Selby
Joe’s Dad:  Mike Lilley
Kath Casey: Nicky Chambers
Lewis: David Harries-Rees
Emmo: Tom Lilley
Billie: Kate Gauntlett
Angie: Megan Brown
Reecey: Calum Roy
Mr Pressman: Keith Robertshaw
Callum: Paul Grace
Company:  Claire Ali, John Barnett, Nicki Barnett, Penelope Brown, Rosie Chambers, Sarah Coldwell, Lorna Dicken, Louise Gauntlett, Julia Gent, Laura Grant, Fiona Lilley, Gemma Lilley, Kim McEvoy, Laura Mackie, Elana Punjani,  Frankie Punzi, Lizzie Rae, Karen Rapps, Rebecca Rapps, Kate Slingerland, Emily Stockwell, Krystyna Szafranski, Ziggi Szafranski, Caroline Waddell.


Please see the latest Newsletter (Link above) to hear all about how well the Quiz Night went.

With summer fun behind us and Christmas still too far off to start talking about, we thought we would fill the gap with an extra Quiz Night to avoid us having another Friday night thinking about the Theatre we could have been watching! (sob, sob...)

With a need for a bit of drama back in our lives, our ‘Quiz with a difference’ promises to be a night of fun and frolics with a touch of theatre thrown in for good measure!

We will be hosting this via Zoom again but would encourage you to form a Bubble of 6 to play along so that your team is altogether on one screen. This can be with your family members, those you have already bubbled with or your own socially distanced gathering of 6. There will be some reference to Mitre’ness so try to avoid it being a full group of people that aren’t aware of our shenanigans or characters....

Here are all the key details you need to know:


TIME:        Log-on and download the quiz pack from 7pm    Quiz starts at 7.30pm

TICKETS:   Please register your interest by emailing
 All teams must be registered in advance of the date.  
There is no charge to join the quiz.

TEAM THEMES :  Based on the success of our themed picnic back in the summer... The theme for your team name/ dress code/ staging is ‘MITRE MEMORIES’ 
Dress to impress everyone – there are points up for grabs!

This Quiz will be hosted by the shy, retiring wallflowers that are MEGAN BROWN, JO MORRISON  & ZIGGI S...(somethinginthemiddle)...SKI   What could possibly go wrong with a quiet quiz night in our hands?!?!?

Final Bit... 

  • TEAM SPACES ARE LIMITED so we advise you to register your interest early to avoid disappointment....
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the one you registered from and the Quiz Pack will also be emailed to the same address on the night.
  • Quiz Answers will be collected by each team sending a photo of your answer sheet to the quiz hosts. We will provide you with the mobile number in the Quiz Pack.
  • There will be a ‘comfort break(s)’ provided throughout the duration of the evening to ensure no one misses out whilst in the loo!
  • There may be some rounds that are different to a usual quiz set up....  enjoy them! We dare ya!

So gather your Quiz Team and start planning your Mitre Memory Team Theme! We are really looking forward to a night of fun with some familiar Mitre faces.

 Till Friday 30th!

 Jo, Megan & Ziggi     xxx

AGM was on Sunday 20th September at 4pm

Due to the current situation, we have reluctantly had to postpone our AGM which was due to be held on Sunday 7th June............................... It will now be held on Sunday 20th September. Members will be emailed further details shortly.


We held an "online" multiple choice quiz night on the night. Over 30 members took part in 22 teams.

The winners were Megan and Andrew Brown
2nd Place: David Harries Rees,
3rd Place: Claire Ali/Ian Brown/Julie Cumbo/Julia Gibbs
4th Place: Kevin and Louise Gauntlett.
5th Place: Ziggi Szafranski
Well done to all the "winners" and thanks to everyone else who took part.
The date of the AGM will be announced once the current situation allows for mass gatherings, in the meantime if you want a sneak preview of the AGM, this year's committee report can be read HERE

CORAM BOY: A joint production with Trinity School.

Due to the current situation, we have reluctantly had to cancel the production. More details of the documentary film that is being made of the production process will be available soon.

This year we will be presenting the award winning play Coram Boy by Helen Edmundson, adapted from Jamilia Gavin's novel. This will be a joint production with Trinity School's Drama Department. Julia Ascott and Chris Chambers will be the joint directors. 

Set against a backdrop of the 18th century and the foundation of ‘The Coram Hospital for Deserted Children’, the play follows two orphans caught up in a notorious scam and fighting for their lives. Rich in social history, set primarily in 2 cities and underscored by Handel’s ‘Messiah’, the play is Dickensian in scope and rich in character roles and covers a period of approximately 10 years from 1742. Challenging scenes for the cast, period costumes & music and creative staging will bring the episodic text to life. (Think Nicholas Nickelby!)

Full details can be found on THIS PAGE

ANNUAL DINNER 2020: Friday 13th March

Our Annual Dinner was on FRIDAY 13th MARCH at The Surrey National Golf Club in Chaldon. Despite the "current situation", it went ahead with only 3 "no shows". A great time was had by all.............. excellent food, plenty of drink, a speech by Charles Marriott, a very small number of "Cross Toasts" and the traditional raffle. The probable highlight was the last minute addition to the prizes; (donated by Kevin Gauntlett) a four pack of toilet rolls!!


HONK! jr A Junior workshop production: January 2020

Very successful workshop auditions were held on Sunday 17th November and as a result we were able to cast the following children in HONK! Jnr.

The show was a great success and a "review" will follow soon.  Many thanks to the entire team.

Ugly    Ethan
Ida    Rosie
Drake    Pierce
Beaky    Lara
Fluff    Matilda
Billy    Eden
Downy    Barnaby
Cat    Kate
Grace     Zaynub
Turkey     Isaac
Maureen     Evie
Henrietta     Zara
Greylag     Eddie
Dot     Hannah
Snowy    Holly
Barnacles     Adam
Pinkfoot     Olivia
Bullfrog     Xanthe
Jay Bird     Miles
Mother Swan     Holly
Father Swan     Nell
Penny     Elana
Bewick     Jessica
Ensemble Daniel,  Evie,  Fiiyin,  Isabella,  Lois, Mia,  Sofia, Teddy


Organised by The Mitre Players, the New Year's Eve party was THE social event of 2019. 

The ticket included:

  • Live music by "The Frogs" featuring our own Karen Rapps
    A luxury hot fork buffet, lovingly prepared by Andrew Brown and his team
    A silent disco - They have to be seen (and not heard) to be believed.
    A complimentary glass of fizz at Midnight
    Drinks at club prices

Thanks are due to all the organisers.

Big Fish: A great success

Here is Theo Spring's review:

Big Fish: The Mitre Players: Trinity School, Croydon

What a marvellous musical. What a talented cast. What a huge amount of hard work to present a production of such a high standard. You may guess that I just loved it!

Happily having worked out the time lines and relationships involved. it was easy to follow Edward Bloom’s Walter Mitty thinking, following his inventive brain right to the heart of his sometimes outrageous tales. The Alabama Stomp was both effective for the catching of fish and delivered the first piece of much upbeat choreography, for which Jo Morrison should take a huge bow.

So many diverse characters came to life during Edward’s fantasies. Laura Mackie’s witch - full of agility and guile, Kate Gauntlett’s balletic mermaid and Ziggi Szafranski’s Hagrid-like giant - who had such an overpowering presence.

Mike Mackenzie, with his strong singing voice created an Edward who flowed calmly through the tale, creating believability as he went, but it was Chris Backway as young Edward who enacted the tales. Constant energy and with enviable acting and dancing skills, he truly brought his character and the stories to life. Commendable too was Eddie McConnell as the even younger Edward, showing good stage presence and reliability.

Edward has a son - Will, who has grown weary of his father’s constant tales. Simon Long captured the dichotomy of filial love versus both embarrassment and sometimes anger. More excellent vocals here, particularly in the delivery of the emotional number Stranger.  Coping well with Edward’s make-believe as well as his job as a travelling salesman, his wife Sandra truly loves both him and their son Will. Nicky Chambers had the air of an all-American mom, singing about the two men in her life and, exceptionally sensitively, I Don’t Need A Roof at the bedside of the dying Edward.

The family is extended on Will’s wedding day by Toni Raye as his wife Josephine - pregnant and practical, she was a tower of strength for Will.

Living in the small town of Ashton, Edward is very popular - Ashton’s Favorite Son in fact.  Although his fictitious tales take him into the giant’s cave when no-one else will go and to the thrills of the big top, no-one is aware of his real achievement - that of helping to save Ashton’s townsfolk when their town was about to be flooded by a dam.  

As well as time-line changes for Edward, other characters have their younger and older selves. Megan Brown effectively played the younger Sandra, joining young Edward in the charming Daffodils, with Wordworth’s poetic words entwined into the lyrics. Played by Kate Gaunlett, Edward’s first love Jenny also reappears later in the real story, with Louise Gauntlett playing her mother.

Remaining in Ashton, Edward’s teenage rival Don and his brother Zacky finally become good and important citizens with David Harries Rees and Tom Lilley delivering both their teenaged selves and the more responsible adults.

There are more characters to meet. Colin Warnock as the circus owner Amos Calloway with an uncomfortable secret of his own. It is at his circus there is an incredible envisaging of the two circus elephants who made deposits of their own. Ian Brown is the Mayor of Ashton and Neil O’Gorman is both the fictitious General Patterson and the Dr Bennett who diagnoses Edward’s life-threatening cancer tumour. There are the lively dancing Alabama Lambs - Chrissy Amer, Gemma Lilley and Ellie McConnell and the evil Red Fang - Fiona Lilley. The ‘ahh’ factor came at the end of the show with Will’s now-born son appearing. Barnaby Brown rather steeling the limelight.

To call this an all-singing, all-dancing musical is a bit of an understatement. So many songs, intricate dance numbers and wonderful costumes by Karen Durrell and Mike Mackenzie (when did he find the time I ask?).

Musical Director Shaz Dudhia and his musicians played an enormous part in the success of the show but the person who held all the strings and was responsible for the whole amazing production was director Julia Ascott whose achievement was beyond remarkable with, as she herself acknowledged, more than a little help from her talented friends.

BISH'S QUIZ NIGHT: Friday 4th October 2019

Bish's Quiz Night returns on Friday 4th October at 7.45

The key information is ............

  • Teams of 6, which can be made up on the night
  • Bar is open from 7pm
  • Bring your own snacks, a prize for the best "spread"
  • Lots of prizes for overall winner, winners of each round and last place!
  • It is great fun

Our Summer Barbecue: Friday 30th August at 7pm

Help celebrate the end of our summer show (Bugsy Malone) and welcome in our Autumn Show (Big Fish) at our now traditional Summer Barbeque on Friday 30th August from 7pm.

Tickets are priced at just £10.00 and include a large choice of meats and fish (veggie options can be ordered with your ticket), homemade salads and strawberries/desserts.  Under 12s cost just £5.00

Tickets can only be bought in advance on Ticketsource and the absolute deadline is Midday on 28th August, but it really would be appreciated if you could order as soon as possible.

Bugsy Malone: Our Summer Show

Due to the demise of the school accommodation at Dawlish, we have opted to tour to The Apollo Theatre, Newport, Isle of Wight. We will be performing Bugsy Malone, with a “grown up” cast. Jo Morrison is directing and Kim McEvoy will be assisting her with the choreography. Fresh from playing the “Reeds” at The Minack Theatre for Me and My GirlDebbi Lindley is going to be MD.


Isle of Wight Show Dates: 30th July – 3rd August. Apollo Theatre, Newport Tickets can be purchased HERE

Based on the hit 1976 film featuring a catchy, swinging score and cartoon cut-out characters, Bugsy Malone has always been a much loved musical for children. But The Mitre Players have an all adult cast, enabling us to make it darker, grittier and bigger on laughs. Come and join us for what promises to be a SPLURGETASTIC, toe-tapping romp back to the 1920's.

The story……….. Two gangs go to war after Dandy Dan's gang has gotten the upper hand since acquiring the new technology "splurge" gun . Bugsy Malone, a one-time boxer, is thrust into the limelight when he becomes the last chance that Fat Sam's gang has of surviving. All Bugsy really wants to do is spend time with his new love, Blousey…... but that just isn't on the cards for our hero.

Music, dancing, an eight piece live band and razamataz! Don’t miss out a chance to see this new take on the popular musical!

Deathtrap: 16th to 19th April

In April 2019, the Mitre Players presented the wonderful, award-winning thriller, “Deathtrap” by Ira Levin.

Here is the review from local theatre critic, Theo Spring:

Because this play is well known to me, the building of tension by this excellent cast and their director is all the more praiseworthy. The many twists and turns involving deceit, murder and apparent resurrection brought gasps from the audience and, the first ‘killing’ in particular was given a huge element of speed and surprise.
Paul Grace, elegantly aged up as playwright Sidney Bruhl, swung effortlessly between malevolence and apparent kindness, as he lulled his wife into a very false sense of security and, throughout the play, it was his face that gave away his malicious thoughts, whilst his body language stayed calm and careful.
As the playwright bursting with ideas for his next production, Simon Long as Clifford Anderson was the perfect antidote to Bruhl’s evil, albeit that he colluded in the plans to bring about the heart attack that successfully killed Bruhl’s wife Myra.
He managed to transform himself into several different characters - the slightly over-awed playwright hoping for the success of his first play, the partner in crime, the slightly subservient secretary and finally the man with both foresight and the strength not to be quite done in by an arrow in his chest. Simon Long brought to all of these a slightly different personae, whilst never giving the game away as to his next move.
For Sarah H Gordon, the role of Myra was less complex, although she too had to be both the concerned wife as well as colluding in the murder she believed was taking place which was quite a tricky juxtaposition.
The serious plot of the play is lightened beautifully by the psychic neighbour Helga Ten Dorp, to whom Isobel Warner brought just the right amount of Eastern European accent, eccentricity and comedy. Costumed in glitter and sparkle, redolent of Madame Arcati, her hit and miss predictions added to the stealth of the tale and her business acumen helped close this often dark play on a lighter note.
Adding a note of sensible sobriety, Geoff Thorn took the cameo role of Porter Milgrim, the solicitor who brought the news of the paucity of Myra’s estate.
I am constantly amazed at Mitre’s ability to create such effective and workable sets within the confines of the small area at their disposal. Here Alan Collins managed to create a sense of space and of more of the house and garden than just the stable office in which the action takes place for which he deserves full credit for his ingenuity. The hard task of the sourcing of weapons, particularly the important crossbow, fell to Elizabeth Lee and Sue Long, in charge of props, and their range, displayed so prominently on the walls of the office, added much to plot. Sound (James McLeod) and Lighting (Alan Bishop) also played an important part, with a particular mention for a storm which wouldn’t have been out of place in King Lear.
Anna Warnock’s costumes provided a selection of just the right jumpers for our protagonists to sport, keeping very much to the late 1970’s era.
This play, which has had major professional popularity, is now a staple of the amateur drama circuit and the unease and apprehension built up here would be hard to beat, so to director Julie Cumbo goes the accolade of keeping the tension going and the twists and turns hidden until they, sometimes literally, jumped out at you. A production of which to be justly proud.

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Rehearsed Play Reading: Friday 8th March at 7.45pm

This evening promises to be entertaining and informative and is presented by Mitre Patron, Paul Smith who now runs an agency promoting new plays and writers, called Smith Scripts. He has gathered a cast of 15 who will perform a rehearsed reading of some short plays and extracts of scripts – there is a huge variety of content and the evening will be split into 2 halves with a free hot meal served in the interval. The bar will be open all evening and it will be relaxed, sociable and entertaining. Tickets are FREE but do need to be booked in advance via – there are still a few available. The cast list is as follows: Julia Ascott, Chris Backway, James Backway, Laura Brand, Megan Brown, Paul Grace, Andy Holton, Di Jones, Warwick Jones, Richard Jones, Charles Marriott, Jo Morrison, Toni Raye, Eve Simpson & Paul Smith. Hope to see many of our members there, especially as there will be an opportunity during the evening to make a donation to MIND in memory of our late Chairman, Alex Greenslade.

Me and My Girl: Summer 2018 at The Minack Theatre

The show was a great sell out success. All seven shows went well and despite the odd “slight rain” a great time was had by all. A selection of photos and the glowing Minack review can be found HERE. A .pdf of the programme can be downloaded HERE.

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